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Sexauer 2010-2011 : Page 398

GENERAL PLUMBING SUPPLIES FAUCET/FITTING REPAIR ASSORTMENT KITS SEXAUER HANDY ANDY™ EASY-TITE® Bibb Washer Assortments Made from a special reinforced compound. Excellent resistance to pressure, absorption and extreme temperature. 400 pieces, sizes 0 to 1/2. Cat. No. Description Size 050674 050666 Flat Washers Beveled Washers 0 to 1/2 0 to 1/2 No. Pieces 400 400 NEO-TITE™ Bibb Washer Assortment Contains over 400 pieces: Flat or beveled washers in sizes “00” through “1/2”, plus two sizes of Monel Self- Lock Bibb Screws, sizes 3/8 x 8/32 and 3/8 x 10/24. Plastic box with chart inside lid. Cat. No. Description 217083 217091 Size Beveled Neo-Tite Flat Neo-Tite 0 to 1/2 0 to 1/2 No. Pieces 400 400 PICK-POCKET™ Bibb Washer Assortments Handy, Pocket Size Assortment of the Most Popular Size Faucet Bibb Washers. A super handy assortment of 100 of our famous Easy-Tite® Reinforced Bibb Washers or Neoprene Neo-Tite™ Bibb Washers. Clear plastic box with identification chart. Cat. No. Description 223255 223263 223271 223289 Size Beveled Neo-Tite Washer Kit Flat Neo-Tite Washer Kit Beveled Easy-Tite Washer Kit Flat Easy-Tite Washer Kit 0 to 1/2 0 to 1/2 0 to 3/8L 0 to 3/8L No. Pieces 100 100 100 100 SEXAUER HANDY ANDY™ Master Assortments for General Faucet Repairs Includes 573 of the repair parts you need: Hundreds of flat or beveled Bibb Washers and Monel Retainers in different sizes. Also contains Self-locking Bibb Screws, Gaskets, Friction Rings, and even a 10-24 Screw Tap. Sturdy metal box with lid chart. No. 036889 contains fewer pieces. Cat. No. Description 086470 050500 036889 # 1AA w/Flat Bibb Washers # 1A w/Flat & Beveled Bibb Washers # 1A Junior, Flat and Beveled Bibb Washers No. Pieces 573 573 256 SEXAUER HANDY ANDY™ No. 26 ASSORTMENT OF MONEL WASHER RETAINERS Special alloy, Monel, is rustproof & non-corroding. Metal box with identification chart. 125 pieces in sizes 0 to 5/8L. Cat. No. Description 071910 # 26 Washer Retainer Asst. Size 0” to 5/8”L No. Pieces 125 COMMERCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND OPERATIONS PRODUCTS 398

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